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About Custom Design & Installation

We are a technology integration company that specializes in audio distribution, video distribution, lighting control, HVAC control, surveillance, and security. We do the consulting, engineering, and we supply all equipment with full installation and programming.

We have been providing the best high-end home automation in Chesterfield, MO for thirty-one years. We incorporated in 1987, and since then, our company is always changing in terms of available technology. We also focus on new technologies regarding the distribution of 4K video signals.

The Custom Design & Installation Difference

We work with clients who are looking for consulting, a sense of direction based on their needs, and a willingness to communicate their thoughts openly. Customer service has always been our top priority, and we refuse to leave any client unsatisfied.

We have some of the most experienced installers and programmers in the industry. Our technicians have been with us for twelve to eighteen years and have a great deal of experience working with clients. We also design some of the most user-friendly user interfaces in the industry. This ability makes us second to none in the field.

If a prospective client does their homework and checks references on work performance over the years, they will find that we have an excellent track record and a great deal of knowledge when working with clients. What sets us apart from the rest of in our industry is that we break things down into layman terms to make it easy for people to understand.

We also have the tremendous ability to go in and track down problems and come up with solutions to improve quality and reliability. We can also automate things like HVAC systems, and lighting control that will make your systems more efficient.

Our excellent work has seen us receive awards from Elan, AMX, and St. Louis Home Builders for our ability to work with their clients.

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